Top Fashion Labels For Your Fashion Goals

Gone is the time when the talent and the thought process of an individual were the most important aspect. At the present time, the way you look, the way you carry yourself and the choices you make in showcasing your fashion statements are as important as your skills. To have a complete balance between your fashion choices and your home related needs.

Following are the top most fashion labels for trustworthy fashion choices:

1. Nike, Inc.

With a brand value of 27.5 billion $, Nike sits on the top position in terms of the Instagram followers who are following the brand on a daily basis. An American Company that deals in footwear, apparels, services and other accessories are the most popular on the social media channels. With its inception in 1964, the firm has really come a long way and currently the founder, Mr. Phil Knight is the chairman.

2. Louis Vuitton

By Roger Price from Hong Kong, Hong Kong (廣東道 – Louis Vuitton on Canton RoadUploaded by Fæ) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
This is a fashion label founded by Louis Vuitton in the year 1984 stands at a whopping brand value of 28.4 billion $. The french house of fashion has one of its famous bags starting at a price of 10000 $. The firm is among the top ranked in the Forbes List of top luxury brands.

3. Hermes


It is a luxury brand manufacturer started in the year 1837 based out of France. The brand stands for a value of 19.2 billion $. The brand made a world record when one of its bags sold at a price of 203,150 $ at an auction.

4. Gucci


Founded in the year 1921 at the city of Florence, the firm stands at a value of 12.7 billion $. The firm is most popular in the category of bags with its famous crocodile bags selling at 35,000 $. The value of the firm grew by about 48% since the year 2012.

5. Prada


The brand stands for a net value of 9.4 billion $. it was founded in the year 1921 in Italy by Mario Prada. It increased its value by 63% since the year 2012 and is regarded as the 5th most popular fashion labels in the world. The leather bags (Ostrich leather bags) of Prada sell at a price of 10000 $ a piece.

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