5 Factors You Wouldn’t Believe That Affect Your Moving Costs

Having a hassle free moving experience sounds too good to be true –something that has been talked about for ages but never really achieved in real life scenario. Moving is a stressful job, especially if you don’t wish to seek any help from the professionals such as Calgary movers.

You can recall from your past experiences that the moving costs turned out to be unexpected as soon as the movers dropped the bomb on you with their final figures. I bet you felt a little duped due to your inability to do anything because you already availed their services, but there’s something you should know. There are numerous factors you might be unaware of that affect moving costs, and this article will guide you regarding some of the factors you should watch out for while making your next move:

1. Interstate Vs Intrastate:

First thing to keep in mind –Distance matters! Most logical of all, you can relate from your road trip experiences that driving to a far off place means greater expenses. We’re not just talking about the fuel but also the people who are involved in the transit process. The longer the journey, the difficult it becomes for them to maintain their efficiency as you would expect. Intrastate moves cost much less than interstate moves. Besides, who doesn’t love relocating somewhere in a familiar state?

2. Accessibility:

If your new house is not easily accessible, you have got a problem. By accessibility we mean whether there is enough space for the large moving trucks to get near to the entrance. If the trucks can’t reach anywhere near the entrance, be prepared to shed some extra cash because all that extra work they will do for putting your stuff to the trucks is not free of cost. Surprised?

3. Extra Efforts In Packing:

If you own multiple collections or invaluable antiques, beware. The priceless things often need to be handled with extra safety and packed accordingly. You wouldn’t want your antiques to be packed hastily resulting severe damage during the transit process. Your dearest things require special packaging with lots of shock absorbent materials such as Styrofoam and bubble wraps. Besides all the attention, they also tend to elevate the number of boxes that are to be moved.

4. The Magnitude Of Move:

If you live in a gigantic house as shown in the movies, you will definitely have to pay a lot more than an average person would consider paying. The obvious reason would be the enormous size of stuff that needs to be packed and moved. An increased number of boxes indicate greater packing efforts and a tight transit schedule to get the things done within the deadline.

5. Time Of Move:

If you are planning on moving at the end of the month when leases end for most of the people, say goodbye to your hard earned money. The concept can be related with surge pricing where the increased demands at a specific time period compel the business owners to become opportunist and mint a little extra cash. In case you really want to save some money, try making a mid month move. You won’t be charged any extra money on the grounds of peak hours and other related stuff.

Apart from all this, the movers and packers’ policies also affect moving costs. Why don’t you give a call to Calgary movers for a hassle free moving experience?