StreamHD for

StreamHD for

StreamHD for

The Wireless Video Transmitter for Stunning Corporate Presentations

Present and share with ease and elegance.

Conference room not wired for presentations? Can't reach the projector's VGA cable? No problem. Warpia's wireless video transmitter works for every office situation.

PowerPoint your way.

The clutter-free solution for offices and cubicles.

A fraction of the cost of a wired installation.

Do you have a Mac?

The Warpia StreamHD Mac Edition supports both Mac and Windows.

Contact us for volume pricing and other questions.


The wireless HD video transmitter for any office.

I wanted something for my marketing agency's office to show clients websites and videos in development on our 47" HDTV [...], but didn't want the hassle of hooking up the TV to a computer with cables every time we need to make a presentation or have a meeting. This works perfectly and was super easy to set up on my Lenovo ThinkPad laptop running Windows 7. (Karen N.)

I was setting up my home office and I needed a second monitor for my PC. I wanted a 42" LCD on the wall (Pre-wired when I built my house) but I never ran an HDMI cable. I wanted to get HD video from my PC, but it was almost impossible to run a concealed HDMI. I purchased this product after MANY hours of research. I chose this due to it's 1080p capability and their web site. I am VERY HAPPY with this unit. (TechieDude)

We have a small office were we frequently give presentations to customers. I was looking for a device that would take the place of running wires acros the floor and table iin the conference room (I hate tripping on wires during a presentation). (Plat1)

Works great between an HP Pavilion Laptop (Windows 7 / AMD Phenom II) and a 60" Sharp LCD (used as a 2nd Monitor (Extended Mode - Opt-P)). I am very happy with resolutions, response time and signal strength. (David P.)


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