Warpia Wireless PC to TV FAQ's

Question: How many PC adapters can be used with a single base unitr?

Answer: We only support sending video from one computer to one TV/projector at a time.

Question: What is the range of UWB signal?

Answer: The range depends on several parameters like distance, whether the product is within line of sight or not, and what content you wish to transfer over the air. The technology is designed to be used within the same room and generally within line of sight. For best performance position the antennas facing each other and in direct line of sight. For more information, refer to user manual.

Additional Information:

  • For watching HD movies (720p) you can expect up to 15 feet distance (line of sight)
  • For DVD quality (480p) you can expect 30 feet and more (line of sight)
  • For best performance, the distance should be in the range of 30ft or 10 meters. Tests have proved the signal to transmit beyond 50 feet (line of sight)

Question: When I first place the PC Adapter into a USB port on my PC, the light flashes green one or two times and then disappears. Same thing when I place the Device Adapter into the Video Base. Is there something wrong with the connection since the green light only stays on for short time and then disappears?

Answer: There is nothing wrong with the product. The green lights on both the PC Adapter and Device Adapter will only light up when a signal is being transmitted or received. It is normal for them to flash on and off, and even stay off for a period of time, especially when first installing the product.

Question: When I first install the software and plug in the PC Adapter to my USB port, I will see the Tray Icon on the bottom right of my PC screen turn from grey to red (waiting for a wireless USB device to be in range) but I cannot get it to turn Green (wireless USB device connected) or sometimes it will turn green but the Display Icon will not appear. How do I get the device to connect to the Display Adapter correctly?

Answer: First, make sure the Display adapter is within 30ft of the PC and generally in a line of site position. If your PC is within range, many times the Display adapter must be reboot. To reboot you simply unplug the Display adapter from the wall, wait 5 seconds, and plug it back in. This usually corrects any connection problem between the PC and the Display Adapter.

Question: What is Ultra Wide Band Technology (UWB)?

Answer: UWB is a wireless radio technology originally developed for secure military communications and radar that is now declassified. In the future, UWB is ideally suited for transmitting data between consumer electronics (CE), PC peripherals, and mobile devices within short range at very high speeds while consuming little power. UWB technology has the capacity to handle the very high bandwidths required to transport multiple audio and video streams. This fairly new technology operates at a level that most systems interpret as noise and, as a result, does not cause interference to other radios such as cell phones, cordless phones, broadcast television sets, Bluetooth devices and WIFI.

Question: What is the difference between wireless USB and Ultra Wide Band Technology (UWB)?

Answer: UWB is the wireless radio technology while Wireless USB is the protocol stuck running on top of Ultra Wide Band Technology (UWB), similar to surfing the web using Ethernet cable (CAT5/6). Ethernet is the medium used to surf the web Ultra Wide Band Technology (UWB) and TCP/IP is the protocol running on top (Wireless USB)

Question: What is the difference between wireless USB and Bluetooth?

Answer: Wireless USB is faster, more secure, uses less power and already has a common interface for enabling products from the PC, CE and mobile industries. Similar to wireless USB, Bluetooth is a protocol layer running on top of the wireless Radio technology (utilizing 2.4Ghz frequency) Bluetooth is considering using Ultra Wide Band Technology (UWB) Radio technology as the next generation of the Bluetooth.

Question: Does this product support Mac OSX operating systems?

Answer: Warpia PC to TV Beta driver support for Mac OS X has been released. Currently, there is no timetable for a PC to TV production level driver release. In an effort to provide our customers with the best possible user experience, Warpia maintains a high standard of quality as it relates to product driver release dates. Consequently, driver release dates are subject to change at Warpia’s discretion. Please note the following will be the benefits and limitations of our Warpia PC to TV Mac OS X Beta Drivers:


  • Wirelessly stream photos, slideshows, and presentations
  • Browse the internet while viewing spreadsheets or word processors
  • Stream video while in window pane mode (video played within the window of the website or video playback software you are viewing)


  • Not recommended for video streaming in full screen mode

Question: Do I have to pair the device adapter with the host adapter?

Answer: When purchasing a set containing one host and one device adapter, there are no pairing requirements. If you should purchase additional device adapters, you will be required to pair the devices with your host device. Note: Pairing is an easy process. Please refer to the user manual (pairing section) on how to perform the pairing.

Question: In the event of poor reception, is it possible to hard wire the Display adapter?

Answer: No. The display adapter will not accept a standard USB cable. Our product has been tested and guaranteed to work 30feet (10 meters) line of sight. If the product is used within these parameters, we do not anticipate encountering any issue with reception.

Question: Will Wireless USB signals transmit through structures (walls, partitions etc.)?

Answer: The current technology was not designed to transmit through structures. Although in recent tests we have observed successful transmissions through structures, we can only guarantee the performance as suggested; in room and line of site.