Wireless Video Display Adapter (SWP100) - Driver Download

Wireless Video Display Adapter (SWP100) - Driver Download

Drivers for Warpia Wireless USB Video Display Adapter SWP100

Warning: If you download the wrong driver, your device can be permanently damaged. Please check your part number prior to downloading the driver.

Does NOT support Windows 8

SWP100 Universal Driver download (build


  1. Windows XP (32bit only), Windows Vista (32/64 bit) & Windows 7 (32/64bit). Does not support Win 7 ‘Starter OS’
    Does NOT support Windows 8
  2. Improved Display Link Driver and Wireless dongle firmware upgrades
  3. Various Bug Fixes for Win 7


  1. Unplug the PC adapter.
  2. Before installing this driver, please go to the Windows Control Panel and uninstall any preexisting Warpia driver installation.  The files that need to be uninstalled are DisplayLink Core Software, DisplayLink Graphics, WirelessUSB Driver, Warpia StreamHD and SMSC Core Graphics.  Reboot the PC once the drivers are uninstalled.
  3. Click on the download SWP100A driver link
  4. Click on "Run" when prompted (the driver will be saved to a temporary folder)
  5. Click on Install Wireless USB Software
  6. Click directly from CD
  7. You may see a warning. If so, click "Allow" I trust this program
  8. Update PC adapter when prompted (plug the L shaped adapter into the USB slot of your PC)
  9. Update Device Adapter when prompted (plug the adapter that goes with your base into the USB slot of your PC)
  10. If you receive a message "No PC device found, pairing cancelled" just hit ok and next
  11. If you do not update the PC and device adapters your device will not function correctly.
  12. Proceed with install wizard to install Display Link Drivers

Legacy Mac Support


Please see the above page for legacy drivers.