WarpiaTV - SWP500

WarpiaTV revolutionizes the way PC content can be viewed on Television

With its Plug & Play Wireless Motion Controller, it allows a PC to be controlled from the comfort of a living room couch. As a combination handheld pointing mouse and 7 function remote, the Controller allows users to access the most used PC Mouse & Keyboard functions with a single remote. Just point the Controller at the TV to move the PC’s curser on the TV. Combined with WarpiaTV’s ‘made for TV’ icon based, Web browsing software, users are a simple point and click away from access to over 150 of the most watched video sites on the internet as well as easy access to HDD content. Product comes complete with a 6ft, high quality HDMI cable for a complete plug & play solution for your PC to TV viewing requirements.

Wireless Motion Controller gives users ability to control PC Mouse and other PC functions such as volume and Escape keys from the living room couch

WarpiaTV Browser simplifies PC and Internet Viewing with a customizable, icon based guide to your PC content as well as your most watched Internet sites

Just point & click on your favorite icons for simple PC and Internet Browsing

High Quality 6ft HDMI cable included ensures enough length to reach from your PC to TV's mounted on walls

True 1080p Resolution

Stream your video content through the included high qualliy HDMI cable in true 1080p (1920 x 1280) high definition. The digital content on your PC or laptop will come to life on your HDTV.

Wireless Motion Controller

  • Ability to control PC Mouse and 7 other PC functions, including Volume, Mute and Escape.
  • Simply point the Motion Controller at the TV and the cursor moves on your screen, allowing the user to experience Freespace, the latest technology in PC to TV navigation.
  • Controller range over 50ft and through walls.

WarpiaTV Browser Powered by Kylo

Simplify PC and Internet viewing on your television with a customized, icon based, guide to over 150 of the most watched internet video sites.

Easily access your PC’s Disk Drive with icon based links to your Videos, Pictures & Music

High Quality 6ft HDMI cable


  • 1.4b Compliant cable ensures latest HDMI specification
  • Gold plated connectors with %99.96 oxygen free copper wire ensures clear connection
  • 6ft cable length ensures enough length to reach TV's mounted on walls


Extend and Mirror Modes

WarpiaTV allows unmatched flexibility for users. Displays can be set in mirror mode so that both screens show the same image. Users looking to multi-task can set displays in extend mode, which allows one image to stream wirelessly to your TV while maintaining full use of your laptop or PC screen.

Always-Available Tech Support

Customers can buy with the assurance that Warpia's Tech Support Team is available to help if any issues may arise. Live Online Support Chat and a Toll Free Support line enable users to instantly tap into Warpia’s expertise, which will allow for optimal performance.

Wireless Motion Controller

USB Receiver for Controller

6ft HDMI Cable

Quick Start Guide

Wireless Range of Motion Controller: 50 feet, through walls

Video Streaming via HDMI cable: up to 1080p video (1920 x 1280)

Color Depth: 32-bit

Wireless Audio: 48kHz, 16-bit stereo

Compatibility: Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS*

*Mac Laptops require Mini Display Port to

HDMI Connector not included. Some older

Mac Laptops only transmit Video via Mini

Display Port. Please consult your User

Manual for audio support.

Windows PC with HDMI output

Mac OS with Display Port Output*