StreamHD for

StreamHD for

StreamHD for

Netflix on TV

plus YouTube, home movies, family photos...

Watch anything from your computer on your TV.

It's the home streaming media solution that fits your lifestyle. Watch Netflix on TV...
or anything else. No wires. No WiFi. No worries.

How does it work? Simple.

  1. Run the software installation CD on your computer.
  2. Plug the wireless transmitter into your computer's USB port.
  3. Connect the wireless receiver to your TV using an HDMI or VGA cable.
  4. Launch the software on your computer and follow the instructions.

Your computer screen will then be displayed on your TV!

If you want to continue doing other things on your computer while watching Netflix on TV (or anything else), you can enable your computer's extended desktop feature.

Do you have a Mac?

The Warpia StreamHD Mac Edition supports both Mac and Windows.

Contact us with any questions.


Everybody's doing it. Are you?

If you're looking for a way to eliminate wires running all over the place and decent functionality between your laptop and HDMI TV this is a product worth purchasing. (Charles K., Lyons, KS)

I've been using my Stream Wireless now for a full year. It is used everyday to watch online TV shows, NetFlix streaming shows and movies and CDs. It gets hot when using it for hours, however, the connection and resolution quality is never affected. (S. Rich)

I have several Grandchildren who are constantly wanting to play on sites like, and but they are always wanting to crowd around my laptop. This product is allowing me to put these sites on our TV in the family room and the kids love it! (Nonni)

I purchased this product for a handicapped person who was starting to have difficulty reading her computer screen. She now uses the TV as her omputer monitor and can switch over to watching regular TV programs with one click. (Patricia R.)

I finally caved and bought the Warpia StreamHD after too many days of my fiance being not all too happy with my 20 ft HDMI cable snaking across the living room. When the product arrived it was simple to setup and was running smoothly within 5 minutes. We now watch Netflix on TV wirelessly (and whatever else she wants). (Wax)

I bought this item as a gift for a friend who likes to watch Korean Dramas via the internet. We had some issues during the driver installation but a very thorough trouble shooting section in the users manual quickly resolved our problem and got us on our way. I came away with impression that this product is well supported. I would gladly recommend this item to any of my friends. (S. Nelson, Haleiwa, HI)

Works great between an HP Pavilion Laptop (Windows 7 / AMD Phenom II) and a 60" Sharp LCD (used as a 2nd Monitor (Extended Mode - Opt-P)). I am very happy with resolutions, response time and signal strength. (David P.)

All I can say is, wow! Something actually works as advertised. Setup was very painless on my Windows 7, AMD Athlon based laptop... We can stream full 1080P YouTube vidoes with no problem and the audio works perfectly. Much better than the 30ft HDMI cable I was using before! Thanks Warpia! (Dan)

Today I tried to connect my new Warpia system to my laptop and could not get it to work. I called Tech support and had the nicest man spend over an hour with me helping to figure out the problem. It was not the Warpia but my computer. It was not able to handle the Warpia because of its processor. I have never had so much help and learned so much from our time on the phone. We live in a world where we do not get to speak with someone and have to punch numbers into the phone just to be told we have connected to the wrong department....Thank you David for answering the phone and staying with me even when we got disconnected. How many people call back to continue solving a problem..Warpia did .This is the BEST customer service ever. I would recommend this product and its service to all. (J. Dickow)

NOTE: The Warpia device wirelessly streams visible content from your computer to your TV. Some content requires a separate subscription with the provider (e.g., Netflix) for access.

"Netflix" is a registered trademark of Netflix, Inc. "YouTube" is a trademark of Google Inc. "Hulu" is a trademark of Hulu. "Crackle" is a trademark of Crackle, Inc.