Netflix on TV


Wirelessly stream any notebook or PC content such as pictures, movies and presentations as well as any Internet content like Netflix and YouTube on your HDTV or projector without cables in up to stunning 1080p.

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Wireless Video Transmitter

Dock n' Charge

This USB 3.0 Universal Docking Station with fast charging USB power enables users to easily connect multiple displays, keyboard, mouse, speakers, Ethernet & peripherals with a single USB cable.

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Wireless Projector

Plug n’ View

The Plug n’ View USB 3.0 External Display Adapter enables users to connect a PC to an external display via USB. With this convenient design, you can connect up to 6 displays to a computer without installing extra video cards.

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Connect your Computer to your TV

Stream wirelessly to a TV, monitor or projector in spectacular 1080p HD.

Our Products Help You Get...

Warpia PC to TV products help you stream HD media from your computer to your PC or Display absolutely wirelessly

How do you connect your computer to your TV?

Warpia StreamHD devices let you connect your computer to your TV without wires and without hassle. Connect your laptop, PC, Mac or tablet using the Warpia transmitter, which conveniently plugs into any USB port. Stream wirelessly to any TV, monitor or projector that is connected to the Warpia receiver using an HDMI or VGA cable. Setup is quick and easy.

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